"For each of us there is some mission in life if we but find it. All have some definite thing to do, something for which they have been created; and only the doing of this thing will justify their existence here on earth. If we come into the world and occupy space and time without giving back for this privilege, we have not justified ourselves, and our lives in the end are barren." ~ Hay

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A BIG year 2013!!

Please take a deep breath and set your intentions for 2013.  Change is on the horizon and it’s your chance to become a part of it.  On December 21,2012 we entered a new era.  Yes, we are at the very beginning of massive positive change.  There is an abundance of universal energy available to those who wish to transform not only their lives in a positive direction but humanity as well.  It’s time to manifest change.  Are you ready? 

The first step is to state your intentions.  Please be very specific as to what you want.  This will allow the Law of Attraction to activate.  I invite you to write down your intentions.  I will share with you some of mine to serve as an outline or model for your own.  Do not put a limit on it.  Please know that the Universe works on the principle of abundance.  Yes, there is enough for everyone.  Also, once you state your intentions, the Universe will start opening doors.  You must walk through them.  How many doors will you walk through in 2013?

I will be writing a thorough list of intentions for 2013 and sharing it with a special someone; more about that next week.  Today, I want to share with you the format for writing your intentions.

A few of my intentions for 2013

1.      2013 will bring me an abundance of money.  I am willing to receive monetarily for my efforts.  Being paid for my value will enable me to be financially independent and also have money available for future creative projects which will benefit all of humanity. J

2.     2013 will bring me balance.  I am willing to structure my life in a way that I have time for work, responsibilities and play.  All components of my life will see improvement due to razor sharp focus and organization. 

3.     2013 will bring me love.  I am grateful for every single person that is a part of my life.  I consider myself extremely blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  2013 will enrich this by bringing me my soulmate.

4.     2013 will bring me career success.  I will be recognized and rewarded for my work.

See how it is done?  I want you to be even more specific…providing details!  Do not leave anything out so the Universe brings you exactly what you are looking for.  I am writing my specific intentions this weekend.  We will discuss them in next week’s blog.   Time to put on your thinking cap!  What do you want in 2013?
Working on my intentions!

Here is a link to Friday’s show WakeUp & Live on Freedomizer Radio. On Friday, my special guest Raw Food Chef and Holistic Health Coach Andreea Fegan and I discussed “The Raw Food Diet.”  Learn some basic principles of eating raw.

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