"For each of us there is some mission in life if we but find it. All have some definite thing to do, something for which they have been created; and only the doing of this thing will justify their existence here on earth. If we come into the world and occupy space and time without giving back for this privilege, we have not justified ourselves, and our lives in the end are barren." ~ Hay

Monday, October 1, 2012


Sunday should be a day we rest.  By spending some quiet time whether walking in nature, reading or doing something we enjoy, we charge our batteries for the work week.  Most people go days on end without taking a break to just sit, relax and enjoy the sunshine.  I am one of those people.  I am the energizer bunny.  This past weekend I was in New York City for an Integrative Nutrition Conference.  It was inspiring and informative and I left with the feeling that I needed to spend more time on me so I can go out into the world and do what I have to do with my energy intact.  Therefore, I am going to structure my Sundays in a way that both sets me up and relaxes me for the week ahead.  Please feel free to follow along as I make these three adjustments.

1.      Sunday morning write out what goals you have for the week or the things that must get done by the following Saturday.  Do not start working on them; just have them handy and ready to go.  On the top of page, write Monday’s date.  Place them by your desk or write them in a planner that you can keep with you for easy reference.

2.      Plan your meals for the week.  Make a list of what you will eat for each meal.  For instance, Monday for breakfast oatmeal, orange juice and a banana.  Tuesday for breakfast eggs and toast.  Once you make the list, write a separate list of the ingredients you need to purchase or have on hand to cook those items.  How many times do we leave a store and realize we forgot something?  By planning your meals, you will know what you are eating and what you need to purchase for the week.  You can also designate a shopping day and a day to cook for more advanced planning.

3.      Now that you have your week organized, REST!  Do something you enjoy for the remainder of the day. 

When you wake up on Monday, you will know what you have to do and what you will be eating for the entire week.  You will also be relaxed, charged and ready to conquer the items on your list.  Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Feeling Energized

*I apologize for the late blog article .  I am in the process of replacing my computer.  As of now, I have no printer and no way to get my photos online.  Hopefully, I will be back to speed sometime this week. 


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