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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Those Mosquitoes….

It was very warm this past winter in the Northeast and around the country.  I can recall only a dusting of snow.  Because the weather didn’t stay consistently low for a period of time, the bugs didn’t die off.  The consequence is a buggier summer.  We are feeling the effects of that now.  The County has been spraying for mosquitoes with some chemical concoction, which isn’t safe for humans, wildlife or plants.  A common sense approach is much better when dealing with those nasty summer bugs.
I have been outdoors this summer quite a bit and have been bitten numerous times, especially on my legs.  Actually, that’s not true.  They like to bite me anywhere they find skin.  I have always assumed that there is something special about my blood that they actually like; I’m an O negative.  It could be that my blood is sweeter than the other types (or maybe I just am…lol).  I can sit outside with others and they won’t get a single bite and mosquitoes are all around me.  Who knows why they are attracted to some people rather than others. 
That said….I won’t use mosquito repellant on my skin.  It is full of chemicals usually the chemical DEET appears in some percentage.  I don’t want these chemicals to enter my bloodstream and cause damage to my internal organs.  Fortunately, there are natural substances you can use that will not cause your body harm and will repel mosquitoes. 
Here is a list of ten natural substances that repel mosquitoes.  Take your pick?
1.       Castor Oil
2.       Cinnamon or Cinnamon oil.
3.       Citronella Oil
4.       Garlic Oil
5.       Lavender Oil
6.       Lemons, Lemon Juice
7.       Lemon Balm
8.       Neen Oil
9.       Peppermint Oil
10.   Tea Tree Oil
Since I am heading out this evening, I will try rubbing my body in lemon juice.  It does leave a coating or film on the skin.  I think I would rather smell like lemons then garlic.  I wouldn’t want to repel the wrong thing.

Lemons repel mosquitoes!
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