"For each of us there is some mission in life if we but find it. All have some definite thing to do, something for which they have been created; and only the doing of this thing will justify their existence here on earth. If we come into the world and occupy space and time without giving back for this privilege, we have not justified ourselves, and our lives in the end are barren." ~ Hay

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Challenge – Give Yourself a Break!

Actual Calendar June of 2005
During the month of June, when my kids were much younger, my calendar was completely filled.  I used to silently wish the month would go fast because I was totally immersed in my children’s end-of-the year activities.  My daughter danced for 14 years, which translated into 14 years of June dance recitals.  I wish I had the knowledge I know now back then.   It would have saved me a lot of nervousness and stress.  I cannot tell you how important it is to find a few minutes to yourself each and every day during your busiest times.  Just a few minutes of slowing yourself down will ease tension and bring your body into a more balanced state of equilibrium. 
Here are 10 suggestions to try this month.  Even when you feel you cannot possibly do another thing, try “squeezing” these recommendations in.  You will be amazed how these short little actions can spruce up your mood and liven up your well-being. 

1.   Bring in the outdoors – June is a month when many flowers bloom.  Unfortunately, you may be too busy to enjoy it.  Grab yourself a vase and cut some flowers and bring them into the room you spend the most time in (i.e., a kitchen or home office).  If you don’t have flowers to bring indoors, purchase some at a nearby store. 

Picked from my backyard!

2.   Thumb through a magazine – Remember magazines?!  The next time you are at a grocery store, pick one up.  Even if you don’t have time to read it, looking at the pictures can relax you and take your focus off your busy life.

3.   Exercise while you work – When you are super busy, it is hard to find the time to exercise.  We tend to prioritize activities and responsibilities and do those items first.  Since you have to cook and clean anyway, take an extra stretch while you’re at it.  This will loosen up tight muscles and make you more relaxed.
I had to bend for this one.....
I put the wrong soap in the dishwasher!
4.   Call a friend – Social media has taken over the world.  Unfortunately, a little quip here or there does not compare to actually hearing somebody’s voice.  If you can spare a half hour, call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  It will brighten up their day as well as yours.

5.   Make a smoothie – We tend to skip or “make due” with meals when we are super busy.  For added nutrition, make yourself a smoothie in your blender.  Put in the dandelion tea (instructions in previous blog) and add some berries and your favorite superfoods such as camu camu berry, cocao nibs and goji berries.  You will soon be flying high…

6.   Take a pen to paper – There is something very therapeutic about writing our thoughts down on paper.  It feels great to “unload” negative thoughts in the way of words.  This exercise can calm our nervous system.  If you want, you can drown or burn the paper for a complete release.

7.   Step into Nature Going barefoot helps to keep us grounded.  Take off your shoes and let the earth touch the acupuncture points in the feet.  If the grounds is wet, even better.  It enhances the effects.

Connect with nature and breathe!

8.   Meditate – Spend some quiet time going within.  If only for a few minutes, shut off all thoughts.  Think of your thoughts as a cloud floating away.  When you open your eyes, say thank you to the many blessings in your life.

9.   Hot & Cold Shower – Take a hot shower followed by a quick cold one.  The cold air will reinvigorate you and wake up your circulatory system.  You will feel cold at first, then very refreshed.

10. Breathe – When all else fails………JUST BREATHE!

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