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Saturday, May 12, 2012

How Light and Music Can Energize Your Aura & Chakras

How many of you know that you have an Aura?  Or how about seven main energy centers in the body called Chakras?  It usually requires a trained eye to see somebody’s aura.  Most people cannot see them, however, just because we cannot see them, doesn’t mean that they do not exist.  An Aura is a protective shell of pure energy that surrounds the human body, usually in the shape of an egg.  This energy is made up of matter which has not been condensed to a solid form.  This energy also includes a rainbow of color.  There is no clear consensus as to what each color represents with the exception of the colors black and gray.  These colors usually represent illness in some form.  Aura’s can vary in size.  I was told that mine was on the larger side, stemming out quite a distance from my body.  The Aura Imaging machine certainly captures the rainbow of colors surrounding my body.  The photo below is one taken of my Aura a few years ago. 
Picture of Aura taken several years ago
*Please note the few dark spots you see is actually stuck on top of the photo.

An Aura reminds me of the clouds surrounding a mountain; the mountain representing the solid mass (i.e., the physical body) and the clouds representing the noncompressed energy (the Aura). 

In addition to our Aura, our body has seven main areas of energy called Chakras.  The Chakras start at the very top of the human head and run down the spine.  Healthy Chakras spin clockwise to create energy which is then utilized by the physical body.  Our Chakras sometimes slow down, get blocked or spin in the opposite direction.  It’s important to keep this energy moving.

Picture from http://www.allthingshealing.com/
There are many ways to keep the flow of energy moving around the body.  You can try acupuncture, reiki, yoga, meditation or some kind of light/energy work.  Here is a simple meditative exercise you can do at home.  You can visualize your seven major energy centers rotating freely and in harmony.               

Find a place where you can lie down and relax where nobody can disturb you.  Feel free to light a candle or dimly light the room.  Play the music below softly in the background.  Close your eyes and completely relax your body.  Now visualize all the Chakras.  Starting with the Root Chakra, imagine a small ball of light spinning to the music.  Enjoy the experience as that ball of energy spins at your root.  Now move up to the Sacral Chakra and imagine the two Chakras spinning together in harmony and light.  Do the same visualization with the other Chakras in order: Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown until you see all seven Chakras spinning and dancing in harmony and light.  Now imagine your Aura, sparkling with a rainbow of color.  Keep this visual for as long as you like and repeat this words:

“My Energy Flows Freely.”
“I am filled with dancing light.”
Gradually, open your eyes …..

Once energy flows freely throughout the body and your aura shines, you will begin to attract  different opportunities and you will meet new people.  This information is priceless!
Strike a pose!

Harbour, Dorothy; "Energy Vampires," Destiny Books, Rochester 2002

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