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Friday, August 5, 2011

Man's Synthetic Future

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I recently stumbled upon an article written by Roger Adams in 1952 called “Man’s Synthetic Future.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Adams)  Actually, the title caught my eye.  I was astounded and saddened by predictions made by this man almost 60 years ago.  How in the world could he have made such bold predictions – most of which came true!  Adams was educated and trained as a chemist.  He hailed the chemist who was able to study the molecules of natural materials and take that knowledge to duplicate the same substance by synthesis.  In this article, Adams gives a series of “predictions or prophesy's” for the future that he claims scientists will be able to create by chemical processes.  He calls this article, “Man’s Synthetic Future.”  Guess what…..WE ARE THERE!
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Here is a short list of some of his predictions.  Please note these are in his words.  I did not paraphrase:
1.   The discovery of synthetic fibers which the public will prefer for most purposes to the   natural fibers.
2.   The plastics to replace cotton will also serve to replace natural leather for shoe uppers.
3.   The future will see transparent plastics that will not discolor.
4.   Finishes for wood that will remain durable for long periods of time in the presence of sunlight, salt and air.
5.   Plastic windshields on airplanes.
6.   Food crops in which the size of the plant is dwarfed and the fruit, kernels or ears of corn are of greater size.
7.   More plants can be grown in a given area and the subsequent crop will be larger.
8.   Seedless raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and perhaps many other kinds of fruits such as watermelons, pears and apples.
9.   The Chemist will search for more ideal insecticides. 
10.  A more systematic fishing industry than at present.  Certain types of fish ranches – large fenced off water areas in which fish are grown, fed and annually harvested – analogous to cattle ranches.
11.  The gradual replacement of drugs which must be administered intravenously or intramuscularly by others of equal or greater potency which may be taken orally.
12.  **When, with these extensions, the food supplies reach the limit the chemist will provide antifertility compounds which upon addition to the diet will assure a means of controlling the birth rate.
I find these “predictions” very disturbing!   Adam’s boasts about these scientific inventions of the future without discussing any of the health repercussions.  Being a scientist, I’m sure he was aware of the human consequences of his insights.  Not only that, he never mentions or discusses the cumulative toxic effects of these chemicals on our soil, plants, food, water, etc.  How can a man of his caliber and educational background not even discuss these things?  I understand that these were just “prophesys” but it is irresponsible to put out these ideas without even discussing the consequences.  Why would he predict that scientists would need to provide antinfertility compounds in our foods to control the birthrate?  I didn’t get the memo that chemists were God.  Of course, how would we know if this is already occurring?  I have my suspicions.   Even more disturbing and bewildering is how Adams was able to make such accurate “predictions” almost 60 years ago?  How can someone have such accurate insight?  Hmmmm…..Can it be that someone got a hold of his ideas and manifested them?  This is also interesting….
 This article (“Man’s Synthetic Future”)  is not found at all on Wikipedia.  It is not mentioned in the biography of Roger Adams as his written work.  When I went to further research the article, I found it available on government databases and a few scientific sites.  Check out these links:
U.S. National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17746597
The Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System:  http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1952Sci...115..157A
The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter how these “predictions” came into fruition.  What matters from here on out is what are we going to do about them?!   We need to do a complete “U” turn.  We must demand for ourselves better choices.  As consumers, we should never underestimate the power we have.  Collectively, we need to demand natural materials that are derived from plant, animal and mineral sources.  If we refuse to buy clothing made of synthetic fibers, we will send a powerful message to clothing manufacturers to return to natural fabrics.  If we refuse to buy fish from factory farms, they will be forced to close and seek other options.  If we stop taking pills for every ache and pain and learn how to live according to the laws of nature, we will live a longer and healthier life.
Roger Adams is no longer alive to make any additional predictions.  If he was, who knows what he would imagine…..women wearing plastic bags?  I guess it’s better than plastic floating and polluting our oceans……


"A Treasury of Science," Edited by Harlow, Shapley, Samuel, Rapport and Wright, Harper & Brothers Publishers: New York, 1954 pp. 675-688, "Man's Synthetic Future," Roger Adams


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