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Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Lover's Paradise

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to read.   Nancy Drew always solved her mysteries.  Laura Ingalls grew up on that prairie and thank goodness God showed up for Margaret.  I remember placing my monthly order with the Scholastic Book Club and getting so excited upon its arrival and distribution.   Times change and things are so different today.  Of course, with the advent of the computer and increased technology, books as we know them are becoming increasingly obsolete.  Textbooks are now being downloaded online so college kids can read them from the computer, people can download books to their kindles or nooks and bookstores as we know them are struggling to stay afloat.  In addition, older books are becoming increasingly difficult to find.  Beneficial knowledge lost forever to this and subsequent generations.
I am sad to see books as we know them go.  Did you see the headlines this week that Borders is closing?  Books are being substituted for more electronics.  Is there anything that is not sacred anymore?  Who would prefer to curl up with a bright electronic light rather than an old book?  I cannot even imagine how hard it must be on your eyes to focus on an electronic reader hour after hour.  What do these do to the health of the eye?  Where are the double blind studies?   Furthermore, these electronic contraptions completely take the fun out of reading.  There’s no more turning the pages to see what’s happening next  (The Monster at the End of this Book) or skipping to the last page because you cannot take the suspense of a mystery novel (Murder on the Orient Express).  I’m sorry, but curling up with a kindle on a cold winter’s day just does not cut it!  Why are we ruining the book?
Knowledge is power!  The more we read, learn, observe the more wisdom we gain.  Can it be that we are being lead into the dark?  I don’t want to bring up conspiracy theories here but it does make you scratch your head.  Especially since preliminary studies show that simple fonts on e-books make it harder for people to retain the information that they are reading.  Apparently, a Princeton University study found that the harder fonts (like those in our standard books) require more concentration and thus the participant is more likely to retain the information.  Yet another reason to save the book!

Where's Christine?
Just as most bookstores are going bankrupt or forever closing their doors, I found a jewel.  Book Lover’s Paradise, located in Bellmore, New York is an absolute diamond in the rough!  They have used and rare books, probably over 60,000 volumes.  Look at this place! (http://www.booklovers-paradise.com/)

What a treasure trove of information!  One can spend entire week here and still not see everything.  What a joy.  I’m in my element!

Amnon Tishler - Owner, Book Lover's Paradise

Technology is always growing and evolving.  Evolution is a part of life.  However, sometimes things are better off being left alone.  Sometimes we get things right the first time.  Why change something we know already works and is so ingrained in our culture?  Call me old-fashioned but I cannot imagine life without books.

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Anonymous said...

The book will never been totally replaced by technology, but in the meantime, a lot of people will suffer financially when bookstores close. - Elinor

Judy said...

You are absolutely correct! There's no way I'd reather curl up to the light of a Nook or iPad (yes, I have one) than to an actual physical book. I love books and I have passed that love to my children. I believe that has a lot to do with it; parents don't know how to TEACH TO LOVE reading. They want their kids to read & they make them read a book or a magazine but what about to LOVE it? They must love to read if it's going to mean anything & carry on. Thank you for this wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a few negative stars I could click on because the male owner of this place deserves well below even a 1-star rating! Never been there before and thought I was visiting a friendly neighborhood Book Store but NO.....When I asked him a question about books (assuming he was an expert), I was told "This is a business" and I would have to spend money first...Thought that was a bit gruff but I said OK & asked if he had a particular book I needed to finish a set....Turns out he didn't have it and instead of answering my question, he literally picks up my bag I brought in and puts it OUTSIDE THE DOOR on the sidewalk on the busy street!!! I was shocked he was so rude & belligerent to treat me that way...I asked in disbelief "Did you just put my bag outside?" and he said yes & dismissed me and walked away...He must be so bitter & hard up for money that he lost all his decency on how to treat people...There was not one other customer in that cramped, ice-cold place either and I know why....Let's see how much farther his "business" declines after others hear how he treats potential customers....And I hope he is reading this right now so he understands that bad reviews travel quick & far by WORD OF MOUTH!!! ........Reap what you sow

Anonymous said...

Amnon Tishler obtains his books for his inventory at local libraries for .25 cents and sells them at his messy store for $15.00 or more. Some local libraries has asked Amnon to stay away because he is so rude. This is a very disturbed man who has lost touch with his connection to the human race and our society. Amnon shows no sign of ever having been properly trained when he was a child in how to behave properly and treat others with respect and at least civility which any human should receive. People show Amnon respect but he does not in kind pay the same respect. This disgusting poor excuse for a person acts as though he is directing his innocent customers to their doom boarding them into his awful firetrap of a store which could be likened to a boxcar to their worst nightmare when they enter his store which he runs like a concentration camp for the damned. If you do buy a book from this satan you will be lucky to pay at least 200% profit and even more in dignity to this creepy character who lurks over you and badgers you with contempt and ridicule on your first and only visit to his stockpile of overpriced musty library throwaways. Stay away from this man and his firetrap torture chamber hell hole Amnon calls a bookstore.

Anonymous said...

WARNING!!!!!!!Whatever you do, NEVER show this weirdo your ID or share any personal info with Amnon Tishler. You have been warned.