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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food, Sex & Politics

Goddess Ariadne - I was almost named Ariadne, except my Mom was worried people would call me "Ari"
If someone tells you that what you eat has nothing to do with your sex drive or function, he/she is speaking through complete ignorance.  The connection between what you eat and sex is closely linked, however, few people realize this.  Today we are told that a simple trip to the doctor will solve all your troubles.   Just take this pill” is the remedy for sexual dysfunction.  Sure, a pill can stimulate your circulation by pumping the blood into extraneous organs.  The doctor told you so!  Your mind then believes that a pill can solve your troubles when in fact the pill is nothing but a placebo.  It’s your mind that believes the pill will work and then it does.  If you take Viagra or some other stimulating pill, how about believing it doesn’t work and see what happens.
Now, let’s look at the cause and not the effect of the trouble.  I will discuss today one cause, which is lack of  ”NUTRIENTS.”  Foods may be said to effect sex in two main ways (1) by simulating or deadening desire and, (2) by influencing general health and vigor.  Vitamins, minerals and protein are essential for normal sexual function.  All are equally important.  This is why it is crucial to eat a balanced diet consisting of whole foods in their natural state.   Nature has provided an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds each season that will keep the body in its highest form of working order.  Did you know that tomatoes, rich in Vitamins A and C were known at one point as “love apples?”   Or are you aware that artichokes and asparagus produce stimulating effects on the urinary passages of the body?

Spices also awaken sexual desire.  The ancient Phoenicians (can you believe 1500 BC – 300 BC) used saffron as a love spice.  Additionally, Cleopatra used saffron in her bath to enhance her sexuality.  (I cannot wait to try this in my next bath…lol)   Cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and peppermint are other well-known spice excitants. 
Meat is stimulating and can enhance sexual vigor.  Meat, eggs and fish (from grass-fed animals) contain first rate proteins.  Just be careful because a little bit of animal protein goes a long way.  I do not recommend eating large quantities of animal foods.   Potency and fertility depend greatly upon the amount and quality of food eaten.
Malnutrition plays a huge role in fertility.  In fact, if one wanted to decrease the population, it can easily be done by manipulating the food supply.  How many of you remember learning about the severe food restrictions imposed by the Nazi’s upon subject peoples?  These were designed in large measure to rob people of potency, among other things.  Eugenics, a movement concerned with human evolution, desires to see people with good health, high intelligence and character evolving and people with lower IQ’s and socio-economic status declining.  A way to decrease the general population is by limiting its access to quality nutrients while increasing the levels of chemicals in the body.  The effect of which is both infertility and disease.  The amount of chemicals in our foods, the decline of fertile soils, and the inability to find clean/pure water in combination with the amount of medication prescribed and consumed today has created a “diseased” society instead of a society of health and vigor, which is necessary for an evolved species.  Is the government and big business our friend or foe?  That’s not a determination I can stipulate based on subjective information and hearsay.  However, allowing carcinogens into our food supply certainly makes you go hmmmm……
I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important quality foods are to the body.  Sexual interest naturally declines with fatigue and lack of vitality.  In order to maintain peek effectiveness, please eat a balanced diet of organically grown fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as small bits of protein from quality sources.  *This is especially important if you are planning on having children.*

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