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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be Afraid Be Very Very Afraid! GMO’s 101

I cannot think of anything more frightening that is happening to our foods today than GMO’s!  I am certainly not trying to play a trick on you.  I can unequivocally tell you that genetically modified foods are no treat.  We, the people of the United States, have become one large science experiment.  We ALL have become human guinea pigs.  Sometimes I truly think I am living in the twilight zone.  Where did the country go that I grew up in?  Maybe if I click my heels three times together and say, “take me back home” I will find myself back in a place where our foods have not been destroyed and our people not paying the consequences.  Let me try……….”take me back home”…………”take me back home………”take me back home!  Ummmm NOPE!  Still here!   Guess I must do the next best thing……

Here is a FACT:  Over 80 percent of the foods in an average grocery store are already genetically modified.   How can this be?  When did this happen?  So what are genetically modified foods?
Genetically modified foods are created when a scientist takes the DNA from one organism and inserts it into another organism to give it a trait it doesn’t naturally possess.   Let me give you an example of something that has already been done.  We all know that tomatoes are a warm weather crop.  The fruit will not thrive if there is a sudden dip in temperature.  Therefore, if scientists can find a way to alter the tomato’s DNA in order for it to be able to grow in colder temperatures, there will be a dramatic increase in the productivity of the tomato.  Hence enter the flounder.  Yes I said flounder as in the fish!  The flounder is a cold weather fish that is able to withstand cold water.  So the idea is to isolate and extract the gene from the flounder that enables it to withstand the cold and insert it into our common tomato.  VIOLA….you now have a tomato that can withstand the cold!  Now you know how FRANKENFOODS are made! 
Man is genius!  It’s amazing how far science and technology has come, especially within the last 100 years.  However, when our food becomes one big science experiment, it’s frightening.  Never before in the history of man have we ever tampered with our food like this.  We are playing with nature with no idea of the consequences!!  Or….maybe you should ask the bats, bees and birds!  When did GMO’s start making their way into our foods, in the 1990’s!  Yes you’ve been eating them for 20 years already!
GMO corn = money

Genetically modified foods ARE NOT LABELED!  This is one of the reasons why everyone is eating them because they are not aware.   If you went to buy a box of cereal and read that it contained GMO soy, for example, chances are you would not buy it.  Monsanto, the company behind GMO’s, has spent serious $$$$$$ so you remain in the dark by lobbying our politicians and government agencies (such as the FDA) to keep this a secret.  Don’t you think we have a RIGHT to know if we are eating FRANKENFOODS!!
Just follow the money trail.......
It takes me one hour to explain GMO’s to my clients.  Their first reaction is shock, and then it slowly dissipates to anger, which was exactly my reaction when I first realized what was going on.  You cannot eat healthy in today’s world unless you know how to avoid GMO’s.  This is NOT an easy thing to do.  Inner Beauty Workshops will teach you the history of GMO’s, how to recognize them in foods and how to avoid them.  If you want to learn more about GMO’s, please read the work of Jeffrey Smith or check out this website:  http://www.responsibletechnology.org/
Trapped in GMO Corn!!

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Annie Speck said...

Great post Christine and definitely a serious problem (among many) in our world today. xo ~ Annie

TechNyou said...

You state as fact that over 80% of foods are genetically modified. This is incorrect. What you are trying to say is that of the processed foods on your supermarket shelf, about 80% of them contain one or more ingredients that are genetically modified (corn, soy, etc).

Tomatoes with a flounder gene don’t exist. It was part of research that never left the lab bench. There are no genetically modified tomatoes commercially available anywhere. The Flavr Savr tomato was the only one and that hasn’t been on the market for years.

Jeffrey Smith makes claims based on dodgy science, or he cherry picks information forgetting to give you the context which if he did would make his claims sound silly. If you want an alternative site that actually tests Smith’s claims using robust science then see this site http://academicsreview.org/ One of the academics is from University of Melbourne where my TechNyou, the program I manage is. There are loads of reasons to be suspicious or cautious about GM foods, but they are not the ones you list here

University of Melbourne, Australia

Christine (Inner Beauty Workshops) said...

Hi Jason!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, I stand by 80 percent of the foods on the supermarket shelves are genetically modified. It's not just the processed foods that are GM. GMO's are fed to our animals and we, therefore, ingest them in our meat and milk. My article was a simple one and didn't give much explanation. I can write a book on the subject.

The tomato/flounder was an example to show people how the procedure works. I'm glad there are currently no tomato with flounder genes in the market today. However, our soy, corn, canola and cottonseed have been altered to be round-up ready which is now in all our foods.

Jeffrey Smith is brave enough to speak up against Monsanto. It's hard to find the funds for independent studies. I will check out the site you recommend as I'm always researching and learning about the subject.

Once again, this article was meant as an introduction. I am aware of the problems relating to GMO's, but am always willing to learn more.


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