"For each of us there is some mission in life if we but find it. All have some definite thing to do, something for which they have been created; and only the doing of this thing will justify their existence here on earth. If we come into the world and occupy space and time without giving back for this privilege, we have not justified ourselves, and our lives in the end are barren." ~ Hay

Sunday, September 11, 2011

United We Must Stand………….

My Grandfather was a very patriotic man.  He emigrated from Greece to the United States when he was a young boy.  He worked odd and end jobs to help support his family, while also putting himself through school.  He cooked for his college roommates in return for wearing their clothes.  He became a successful dentist until he retired at age 71.  He always spoke about how grateful he was for the opportunities this country afforded him and he was very proud to call himself an American.  Every July 4th, he draped a huge American flag over his house.   He died one month prior to 911.  He was 94.  I was glad he was not alive to see the events on 911.  It would have destroyed him. 

It has now been 10 years since that fateful day and it is still just as heartbreaking.  One month prior to 911, I was in the World Trade Towers with my family.  My husband wanted to show our children the Trade Towers because he found it funny that he once worked in the basement of one of the tallest buildings in the world.  As we stood in the lobby, I remember watching the people come up and down the elevators…all spectacularly dressed for work.  I thought to myself how lucky they were, as I stood in a pile of sweat holding the hands of my two young children.  It saddens me to think how many of those people I watched that day died.  I’m sure many of them.  This sad memory is seared into my brain.  This memory and the events of the day have prevented me from peering into the many questions and mysteries that have since ensued.  There are so many unanswered questions and so much distrust.  It’s been 10 years and I have to ask myself, “What has happened to the America that my Grandfather was so patriotic for? “
We are currently in a state of economic crisis.  We have high unemployment, a devalued dollar and our stock market has been on a roller coaster ride.  People are very dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and have looked to the government to solve their problems.  Let me ask you, how can our government solve these problems and many more when they cannot even agree to disagree?  Our system of democracy is a complete…”mess!”  What is needed to rectify the situation?  We need new leadership, new direction and a sense of unity.
The United State’s Constitution prevents the government from taking away our rights, such as freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.  Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew we desperately needed a constitutional amendment to protect our rights to clean air, food and water.  What would this mean?  For starters doing away with GMO’s and finding organic sustainable ways to feed our population.  It would mean strict regulations regarding carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  It would put a stop to the pollution of our oceans and waterways.  It would require manufacturers to provide quality, wholesome and healthy ingredients to their consumers.  This constitutional amendment to clean food, air and water is the answer to the healthcare crisis, which is our country’s biggest drain.  It would provide automatic prevention!  By eating more nutrient dense foods and ingesting less toxic chemicals, less people would get sick.  In addition, education should be mandated for the prevention of disease.  Knowing how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle should be taught not only by our parents, but by our schools as early as 1st grade.  The question shouldn’t be whether people deserve healthcare.   THEY DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY!  The bottom line is that corporations have become too powerful and our government too much indebted to them.  This has gone on too long.  It has not only destroyed our quality of living and is leading to the destruction of our planet, but it has destroyed our sense of patriotism and our faith in democracy.  I say, “Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GAME OVER!”

Just call me...."Betsy"

It certainly is time for a change.  I propose we start with something simple like our flag.  Shouldn’t it be a symbol of unity?   How can a flag that has 50 separate stars represent unity?  Aren’t we one nation or how about one planet?  I have crocheted a new flag that seems fitting and in it I have placed one star.  Inside the star, I have placed the twin towers.  Ironically, they form the number eleven which happens to be this year (2011).  What does that signify?  The time for positive change is NOW……….

**If anyone reading this blog post either lost a loved one on 9/11 or was part of the clean-up efforts, I would be glad to donate this flag to you.  Please email me at:  christine@innerbeautyworkshops.com and I will be honored to mail it to you.


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