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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Who’s ready to watch some football?  Who’s ready to eat chips, drink beer and binge on junk food during the entire game?   I would ask you to put your hand up, but you are probably too preoccupied screaming at the television set.
Does this sound about right?  I don’t have to be much of a football fan to know what goes on during the games.  People absolutely BINGE on junk food!  What usually also occurs is you are so focused on the game you lose sight of just how much you drank or ate.   You then feel very bloated and full.  While it may be hard to control the amount of food you eat during a game, it certainly is easy to control what you eat during a game.  Why not assemble an assortment of organic and healthy foods to eat instead of the usual junk food.  At the very least, you will feel energized!  Just think of all the extra energy you will have to scream at the top of your lungs….lol.
I must confess, I do not watch sports (well…only ice skating).  I always get laughed at when I ask my family what inning it is during a football game.  I really have no interest.  However, I live with two huge Jets fans, my husband and son.  They frequently invite friends over to watch the game.   Therefore, it is customary to put out a nice spread of finger foods at my house.  Here are 10 healthy food ideas to serve your guests during a football game:

1.        Hummus with an assortment of organic vegetables
2.       Guacamole dip with organic, non-GMO tortilla chips (**Read the Labels)
3.       Organic chicken wings (Your health food store will carry these or make your own)
4.       Assortment of olives
5.       Raw cheese and organic crackers
6.       Mixed raw nuts
7.       Sourdough crostini toast with artichoke heart spread
8.       Crockpot Chili – (vegetarian or with grassfed meat)
9.       If you must have soda, your health food store has soda made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.
10.   Organic beer – Your local health food store will carry this.  Look for brands like Peak Organic.
See…..not so bad!  There are alternatives!  Now go and enjoy the games…  And, remember to “root, root, root for the home team.”…;)


Elinor said...

Great snacks. Sure wish we could root for the home team!

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